There are individuals prepared to pay

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"The benefit at Ultimate Team is amassing that team and moving after the pursuit and we believe that that's one of the most enjoyable ways to play FIFA Coins. So, at the end of the day there is a choice for people that don't want to spend time to advance their staff, but still, you need to go through a process to find the players you want and whatnot, if you are gonna devote money instead of time, that is a choice that we are giving people in that manner, because they need a specific incentive but, individuals who don't get every bit of content in that manner without having to spend a dime. And that's what allows us sleep at night once we assemble this mode. And stand behind it and be pleased with it."

Yeah there are a few who proceed without coins and can do fine. But the way things are set up you and every possible component RNG, players, abilities contracts are playing. It's just like a free to play game in which you just wind up feeling like you do not have enough stuff to get by with no grind. Oh and you're getting fucked in the ass by some blokes Ronaldo when you have got 4 golden players in your 10th game.The cunts locking their very best mode behind pay to triumph in their own sport franchises is one of the greatest crimes in gambling I've ever seen. Imagine being a dev following pleasing your shareholder overlords sleeping and really working for EA.

I'm sure it great fun seeing that money that is unearned filling the coffers. As much as I hate this kind of needless greed, it really doesn't surprise me. It soaks if folks are willing to pay why the fuck wouldn't. I feel that these greedy fucks have an early grave but there are individuals prepared to pay? So who is the actual problem? After buying FIFA religiously for as long as I can remember. This will be the very first one. I'm sick of every game mode being ignored by these besides UT, which, though it is fun in the beginning when many teams are beatable, becomes totally unplayable if you don't start spending significant money on it.

The problem is that people are paying for this bullshit. Stupid people in particular.If it had been for in-game money and had exceptionally engaging material, ONLY THEN would this bullshit be justified.Until then, fuck you and your goddamn deceptive, tedious, thieving and broken gambling simulator. Quit treating your product like a yearly sport and maybe you will have some worthwhile content and much better reception.The whole Ultimate Team thing to buy FUT Coins has been a massive detriment to the FIFA games for quite a very long time, since they hardly support the other game mods like Career mode etc.. All their time and updates enter UT. Considering I imagine it is pissed off people than we will ever understand.

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