You probably just need to speak to him

Going to the mall does not mean you going to cheat on somebody just because you had a date once.


If he's really concerned about you enjoying with OSRS GP a game because of long distance relationships that you had in the past, it seems like a trust issue on his part, and nothing actually to do with runescape particularly. Everyone games these days, while it's runescape or even fortnite or whatever game you want. That's like saying he does not need you to go to the mall by yourself because once you went to a date with someone. Going to the mall does not mean you going to cheat on somebody just because you had a date once.

You probably just need to speak to him about it and clarify that playing with a video game does not mean you're going to cheat on him lol. Unless you can speak it out, if he can't trust you with playing a game, which may be kind of a bad sign. I play runescape, so this kind of trust issue is pretty common, although I'm certainly not an expert on relationships if you Google around a little and you'll be able to read a lot of stuff on it.

For my girlfriend and I, it's really just video games in general but it boils down to"alone time". And sometimes I like more lonely time than she can, but it does not, and should not, cause a strain on the relationship.For your situation specifically, it seems like your dude has some trust problems. I really don't know if you intend on getting a hold of those men you used to speak to at the past, in which case I can see your bf's (or anything you're calling him) side of things, but if you're just wanting to play RuneScape. There is no reason to be uptight about it. It's just. I anticipate things to fight over in the future IMO if something is inducing big arguments.

No sorry. Tbh this seems to me personally like a. What's his fear? That you will emotionally cheat online? Which you will find someone better? Trust. Is he unhappy cause the idea of you with someone else? He needs to process. I don't find any plausible reason for him not to want you playing an internet game for fun just because you'd the years of LDR. Possibly a sensitive conversation why he is concerned with him where you are able to research might help him proceed from them and to communicate his difficulties. Hope you guys might find a middle ground.The Noxious Scythe is the best weapon in buy OSRS gold

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