The Brooklyn Nets come in at #3

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The Utah Jazz have had the NBA's best offseason in 2019, but due to the market, they are in it's largely getting overshadowed. Veteran point guard Ricky Rubio was exchanged by them by trading for its underrated Mike Conley in the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite permitting Derrick Favors walk, the Utah Jazz are walking into NBA 2K20 MT Coins among the league's very complete and deep rosters from the top to bottom.

Imagine using a point guard that does not enjoy shooting out of 10 feet and still deciding to get rid of the majority of the group's shooters. That's just what the Philadelphia 76ers have achieved by allowing JJ Reddick walk, and bringing in Al Horford to pair with Joel Embiid from the frontcourt.Horford not only gives them a stout defensive lineup that looks like the Great Wall of China, but Horford also offers them insurance when and if Embiid goes down for a couple of weeks. If Tobias Harris can prove to be constant and Ben Simmons develops any sort of shot, they will be dangerous next year.

The Brooklyn Nets come in at #3 because of players having the ability to play with Kevin Durant regardless of his injuries. If this was not the case they'd probably be much lower on the list, because a pairing of Kyrie Irving and aging Deandre Jordan isn't necessarily something to write home about.The Nets were able to make the playoffs with a young overachieving group this past year, and now have 2 of the league's best players on their roster. Their success next season will depend on Irving's supporting cast, also Duran'ts injury recovery timetable.

Before you get mad that Kawhi Leonard to buy mt coins and Paul George's new team isn't #1. To begin with, the Los Angeles Clippers had to exchange a bit to obtain Paul George and though they have 3 great starters, with 2 of those being superstars, the rest of the roster isn't entirely solid. Whether they're #1 or 2, the Clippers will most likely be a top 3 defensive unit.

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